Topic 2: Campus Radio

1. What do you think of this idea? Does it seem feasible to you? Why or Why not?

I think the idea is fantastic! I think it would be great for Journalism/Media students for starters and then all students for that matter. Local school news, student radio auctions, announcements, and of course a very wide variety of music. I think it is very feasible. I think it could be staffed by students per term and counted as work/school experience, and even have a small recording studio. Who says there couldn't be a poetry day, or whatever? The sky is the limit. I would take the classes and sign up.

2. What Two programs/formats/services would you recommend the station adopt in order to build loyal niche audience. Be specific, give examples. 

I would certainly recommend that the station offer advertising services and of course keep it minimized which could help fund more field work such as student reporters and the like. I would also recommend the auction/trader which could help students with res…

Topic 1 Music's Influence

1. Describe an instance in which you or others may have tried to "protect" someone from music's "corrupting influences, " or a time when something you listened to "crossed the line" or raised the eyebrows of others.

As a sophomore in high school in 1984, I was required to join the youth group of the local Christian church by my parents. Nearly the whole sophomore class in school were also members of the group which numbered about 25 of us in totality. For about a two-week period, if my memory serves me right, the church asked us to bring in a list of music we listened to and then about a week later we were all to meet a house of a rich farmer who was a deacon at the church. The next week the other youth group members met there and, as requested, brought our tapes and records. One of the songs on my record was, "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin which just so happened to be evil and demonic according to the youth minister, the pastor at the…

Week 8 Topic 2 Magazines

1. What THREE magazines, either in print or online, have you read over the years? Write about your interest in these publications, and what they say about you and your interests? What, in particular, do you like or look for in these magazines? Cite some examples.

Although I have not read any magazines in years, in the past I have read general interest magazines which include the following:

Blackbelt Magazine This print magazine is about Martial Arts and I read nearly every issue from 1977 to 1993 as a subscriber so I got issues in the mail every month (which I loved). I had an interest in research of what other instructors were practicing and this is a tell of why I read them- to explore and document good ideas and training methods. In 1993 however the UFC came out and so the magazine changed it's focus on more "fighting" rather than training for self-defense and self-development. Not being a fan of people willingly beating each other into submission, I stopped reading i…

Week 8 / Topic 1 Banned Books and your Bookshelf

1. Do you see any books on the ALA list that you've read or know about? List some of them and what you thought of the book.

 I saw some books that were on the ALA website list. These books were contested or requested to be made unavailable for reasons such as conflict with religious beliefs, moral beliefs, and so on. The books that I took note of were:

The Holy Bible- 2013
The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls - 2012
The Hunger Games, Trilogy, Suzanne Collins - 2011
Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck- 2003

I have no problem with the books and feel that they are good reads.

2. What's your take on limiting access to various books and other materials in public schools or local libraries? Do objections seem reasonable?

Well, this is a tough question. On one hand, I think natural inoculation from exposure to bad or negative things seems plausible. I do not tell my sons what to believe. When they ask me questions, I do not tell them to read a book about what someone else said in the first pl…

Media Project Blog 2 / Topic 1 / Advertising and Public Relations

Will It?
In this blog, I am describing, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, and engaging an ad campaign by Forged Fitness as seen on a video on YouTube titled:
 "Gracie Jiu-Jitsu WillChange Your Life."
This video can be found at,
The owner of this video is Forged Fitness which is a Cross Fit gym and Martial Arts Studio combined as one business ( The ad or video was published on August 1st, 2016 and has 85, 646 views, 861 likes, 22 dislikes, and 153 comments and is 9 minutes and 48 seconds in length. The video features Joel Schlieman, the owner of Forged Fitness and a Royce Gracie purple belt and Cross Fit level 1 instructor, Bill Dowey, a Royce Gracie Jiujitsu Blackbelt & head GJJ (Gracie Jiujitsu) coach/Raleigh, Austin Snyder, a member of Forged Fitness and Gracie Jiujitsu, Jason Calbreth, the founder of Forged Fitness, a GJJ Blackbelt and head GJJ coach in Cary, John "Bagels" Telford, a Gracie Ji…

Topic 2: Fake News

When it comes to the question, "What do you think when President Trump labels particular news stories or news companies "Fake News"? -I am inclined to say that I don't have a stance on it one way or the other. I do speculate that it is irresponsible for anyone to say that "all media" is bad. I also think it is very irresponsible to exclude all the evidence for such a claim however there may be a philosophical answer to it. I will attempt to articulate why by answering this question and the subsequent questions in relation to it as a whole rather than parts because, in my opinion, all things are connected whether those connections are apparent or loose or strong like concrete.

So here I go. Every lie has a bit of truth in it and it is the president's right to say whatever he pleases. According to Lara Trump on Fox News on May 05, 2017, in and article named, "All mainstream TV networks block paid campaign ad setting a chilling precedent against free…

Week 6 Topic 1 / Newspapers

I get my local news from the Gazette Times in Corvallis online usually. Sometimes I get news from other sources too such as Google News and The Daily Barometer as well as The Corvallis Advocate. Mostly news is on the bottom of my priorities list though as I am a full time student and that takes up so much time that I often miss out on anything other than my daily hike and martial arts training which is at the top of my list. Being in great physical, mental, and emotional condition is top priority because if I don't have health then nothing else will really matter much.
In so far as making sure the news I get is accurate and credible, I use a format that I borrowed from

This site is NPR's, Oregon Public Broadcasting. In her article, "Fake or Real? How to Self-Check TheNews And Get The Facts," published on December 5, 2016, Wynne Davis mentioned…